Inspect Carefully.

Inform Accurately.

Invest Confidently.

Home inspections are a visual inspection of the structure and components of a home to determine if items are not performing correctly or are unsafe. If defects are found this will be documented in a written report with photos. Further evaluation by licensed professionals may be recommended.

Inspections Include

Roof, vents, flashings, and trim. Gutters and downspouts. Skylight, chimney, decks, stoops, porches, driveways, walkways and railings. Eaves, soffit, and fascia. Grading and drainage, basement, foundation, crawlspace, and water penetration issues. Attic, walls, floors, ceilings, windows. Heating systems, cooling systems, main water shut-off, water heaters, interior, plumbing drainage sump pumps, electrical, insulation and ventilation, garage doors and more. How water may be effecting the property is one of the more vital inspection points: water is the number one enemy to a house. Grading and drainage is examined closely.

The Final Report

During the course of the inspection we will utilize checklists and take pertinent notes on all inspected components of the home. Following the onsite inspection, a detailed yet easy-to-read report is completed.

The final report will outline and summarize a lot of information. Items needing immediate attention will be listed. We will also note minor concerns as well as positive aspects. Photos will also be included in the report as necessary.

We understand timeliness is a priority, thus the report will be provided the following business day. Should questions arise in the days following, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Cost

The national average cost range for a home inspection is $375-$550 for most inspections. The fee will often be dependent upon the size and age of the property. The distance the inspector must travel to the property may also increase the fee. For a more precise quote on the cost of your home inspection, it’s recommended you contact us directly.

View Our Checklist

Review our checklist to get a good idea about what items are examined during your home inspection. This is just a general guide, as the actual inspection is done with a tablet and is more thorough.

The average inspection takes about 3 hours, depending on the size of your home or property it may take 2.5 to 4 hours.